Developing a Talent Pipeline for the Healthcare Industry

By NERETA (other events)

Mon, Sep 17 2018 8:00 AM Tue, Sep 18 2018 3:00 PM


The purpose of the Summit and post-conference course (one webinar per month for eight months) is to assist local higher education, workforce development and economic development professionals to align their strategies to improve local workforce capabilities in Healthcare and boost a competitive advantage for your region.

This summit has three goals:

  • To help regions from across the country develop talent pipelines for the growing healthcare industry
  • To help local healthcare administrators establish a sector/cluster strategy for their region
  • To help healthcare administrators establish a working relationship with workforce development, economic development and higher education professionals to collaboratively promote healthy communities.

Here are just a few of the awesome speakers who will be presenting at this event:

Dr. Roy Swift, Workcred

Daniel Bustillo, Healthcare Career Advancement Program (HCAP)

Steve Tremetiere, Springboard Scranton

Stephanie Norling, Communities of Excellence

Bob Bitner, Mid-Atlantic Alliance for Performance Excellence (Baldridge)

Michael Reid, Senior Economist, Oxford Economics

and so many more....

This is going to be fun!  

We are asking regions to attend the Summit as TEAMS if possible (minimum of four people -see registration information).  You may attend the Summit as an individual, but you will be more effective in your region if you attend the Summit with your region's team to learn the methodology of "collaborative strategic planning and alignment."


Support beyond the conference - the post-conference course:

After the conference, NERETA, along with our expert colleagues from around the country, will be providing an eight session course to continue to support your efforts in developing your alignment strategies.  This course is FREE to full conference attendees!

This conference and the follow-up course are specifically centered on the methodologies that are used in developing industry partnerships, sector strategies and cluster initiatives and will also focus on creating healthy communities!.  


Academic underpinning:

The processes and course are based heavily on the work of The Global Practitioners Network of Competitiveness, Clusters and Innovation (which is based on the work of Michael Porter of Harvard Business School).

Day 1 Understanding the vast changes happening in the healthcare industry - and Developing a Talent Pipeline ready for those changes for the Healthcare Industry

Day 2 Best practices - Learn how your region can be on the cutting edge of changes in healthcare and position itself to be a leader in the industry nationally!

This truly will be an opportunity to learn, grow, align strategies...and develop a plan of action for your region that will make a difference!


Why you should come:

The world of work has changed significantly, but how we address the challenges of providing a skilled workforce have not kept up with the times.  We need faster solutions to address increasingly more complex challenges to assure economic vitality into the future.  This cannot happen through silos of service.  We must actively collaborate!

Come to the Summit with a team from your region if you are serious about leading the US economy into the future.


If you want to pay by check:

Checks chould be made out to NERETA.

Please mail checks to:


PO Boix 7 

Barryville, NY 12719

Please include the form on the registration page of the event website: